Gerobos geared portfolios follow a mandate focused on maximising long term absolute real return on a risk adjusted basis by employing strategies that capitalize on the movement, volatility and random walk in equity markets.

The portfolio management style is predominantly focused on capturing short term mispricing opportunities with 2 to 3 times exposure gained from the use of leveraged derivative instruments. This allows portfolios to earn returns on both sides of the market (long and short) and allows for gains during a decreasing market. Further, it may also result in funds outperforming the overall market through times of uncertainty and yield better returns when equities are not in a one directional trend.

In addition to the absolute real return objective, the strategy aims to maintain a low correlation to equity markets and minimize volatility through hedging strategies. Funds remain predominantly in cash and are employed when opportunities are identified that can be capitalized on. This management style has historically shown good risk adjusted returns and provided some downside protection during periods of equity market weakness.

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